Best Kitchen Appliances for the Modern Nigerian Kitchen

The right kitchen appliance for its specific purpose makes life a lot easier, saves a lot more time and makes cooking more exciting. Discover appliances every modern Nigerian woman/man will be glad they have in their home.

1. Gas/Electric cookers

A cooker is a basic requirement in every kitchen since the primary purpose of a kitchen is to cook food. Gas cookers make cooking easier, cleaner and more time efficient. A gas/electric cooker combo is a good choice as it makes your energy source more versatile. Your choice of size of cooker will depend on your household size and your cooking preferences, larger cookers have built-in ovens/grills so you can have more than one function in one unit saving you money and space.

Recommended: LG – Maxi 6060 3 Gas + 1 Electric Burner

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LG Maxi 6060 3 Gas+1 electric burners

2. Deep freezer

Deep Freezers are a necessity in every Nigerian household. They keep your foods frozen, preserved and fresh for months and great quality deep freezers can keep your foods preserved for days after power interruption.

Recommended: Haier Thermocool Chest Freezer HTF-219H

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Haier Thermocool Chest Freezer HTF-219H

3. Blenders/grinders

Mix, mash, puree and emulsify foods with the help of grinders/blenders. Blend wet ingredients for your soups, stews and smoothies with the blender. Most blender sets are accompanied with bladed grinding jars for your dry ingredients like crayfish and some seeds and nuts for your meals.

Recommended: Binatone Blender/Grinder BLG 699 with Unbreakable Jar

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Binatone Blender/Grinder BLG 699 with unbreakable Jar

4. Yam Pounders

While the average Nigerian loves a meal of pounded yam, the stress of manual pounding can be quite discouraging. Yam Pounders have made the stress disappear, this piece of appliance can be used to cook and pound your yam to your desired consistency and texture in less time with no sweat.

Recommeneded: QASA – The New Generation Qlink Yam Cooker And Pounder

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QASA – Yam Cooker And Pounder

5. Juicers

Make delicious and nutritious no-artificial-preservatives-added juices at home where you can control what goes in what you make. Juicers squeeze out the juice from fruits and vegetables and expel the dry pulp. Making your own juices is always a healthier option compared to packaged and preserved juices.

Recommended: Kenwood Juice Extractor JE730

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Kenwood Juice Extractor JE730

6. microwave

Microwave ovens are essential in your kitchen; they are used for reheating food, heating water, defrosting, making popcorn and cooking. They are efficient, save time and since they can be timed, it saves you the hassle of by-the-second food monitoring.

Recommended: Panasonic Digital Microwave Oven NN-ST342W 25L

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Panasonic Digital Microwave Oven NN-ST342W 25L

7 Pressure cooker

A pressure cooker is a sealed pot that uses steam pressure to cook food a lot faster. This saves energy and time and since over cooking food causes loss of essential nutrients, using a pressure cooker help to retain nutrients as it cooks your foods in a shorter period, making your meals healthier.

Recommended: Masterchef Pressure Cooker-12L

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Masterchef Pressure Cooker-12L

8. Air Fryer

Fry your foods with little or no oil with air fryers. This reduces fat consumption and calorie intake considerably, making it a healthy option for everyone and perfect for weight management. They are safer, more efficient, and easier to use and take less time than conventional frying.

Recommended: Philips Airfryer HD9220/20

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Philips Airfryer HD9220/20

9. Bread Toaster

Bread toasters are small appliances than browns bread by the application of heat. Toasting your bread gives it a distinctly palatable taste. Individual slices of bread are lowered into the toaster where it browns and crisps on both sides to produce tasty toasts in minutes. They are different from sandwich makers.

Receommended: Panasonic NT-GP1 2-Slice 5-Level Toaster

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Panasonic NT-GP1 2-Slice 5-Level Toaster

10. Sandwich Maker:

They are typically fold-up heaters that heat up your sandwiches. It presses together two slices of bread with a filling of your choice (cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, butter etc), browns the bread, then heats up and combines the ingredients to make a delicious breakfast or snack.

Recommended: Master Chef Sandwich Maker

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Master Chef Sandwich Maker

11. Mixer:

Mixers are used for stirring, whisking, kneading dough, mixing cakes, whipping etc. For people who love baking, a mixer is a kitchen appliance you cannot do without. There are two kinds, hand mixers and stand mixers, which you purchase depends on your budget.

Recommended: Kenwood Mixer – HM430

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Kenwood Mixer HM430

12. Electric Oven+Grill And Barbecue

If you do not own a gas cooker with a built-in oven, you can still bake, grill, roast or dry your foods with an electric oven/grill. This appliance is versatile and saves money. 

Recommended: Eurosonic Electric oven & Grill

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13. dishwasher

Get sparkling clean dishware and cutlery without the stress of manually scrubbing down your dishes with the help of a dishwasher. This saves a lot of time and the high temperature washes kill off bacteria and germs making it very sanitary. 

Recommended: LG Dishwasher DW 1452W

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LG Dishwasher DW 1452W

14. Smoothie maker

As the healthy lifestyle is catching on right now, smoothies are the in-thing. While blenders can make you a cup of smoothie, smoothie makers are a dedicated appliance that will end up with no other food item (e.g peppers, beans) than your smoothie ingredients; also most smoothie makers come with on-the-go smoothie cups making it very convenient.

Recommended: Breville Smoothie maker with on-the-go Cups

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Breville – Smoothie Maker with Cups


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